There is no communication between wireless modules and the same can not be discovered by X-CTU on the wireless option.

my xbee-xbp24bz7 no communication betewn them. Also they are not discovery by x-ctu, both configution AT and API.
I can download the modules and recovery. But I can not find the child module to the coordinator in various configurations.

*coordinator AT and Router AT
*coordinator API and EndDevice API-Router API
I also configured on the AT router module the JV option enabled and could not find the coordinator for the wireless network.

same problem for me

Try restoring both to defaults. Then issue an ATNR1 on the Coordinator. Then set the SC value of the Coordinator on the router and issue an ATNR0 on the router.

Make sure that both are powered up when you do this. If you only power one at a time, it will never work.