This configuration does not work properly

I’ve got two development boards each containing an Xbee PRO (type1). The problem lies in that I cannot send any information between them in X-CTU’s terminal mode, but issuing “+++” along with “ATND” indicates that they find eachother. I’ve tried 16/64-bit adressing as well as broadcasting but to no avail; characters entered in one terminal does not appear in the other. The firmware does not have any fancy function sets for “end node” or “Coordinator” so even though I’ve tried setting one xbee as Coordinator, Peer-to-Peer would suffice for now.

Please check out the configuration screenshots I’ve attached and see if you can find the problem.

From the part of the configuration I see for both modules, these should be setup correctly for talking to each other. Have you attempted this with more recent firmware?

I did download the latest firmware, but upon flashing it something went wrong and I’ve seem to have “bricked” one of the modules that I had, it does not respond to anything anymore =/. So I dropped the attempt of upgrading the firmware and picked another module I had instead.

Any tips on how to combat the bricking issue? When I’m told to reset the module and wait 10s, nothing happens, so I’m not sure what to do.

If you have a USB and RS232 dev board I would place the module in the RS232 dev board when trying to recover the module. You should also go to the PC settings tab in X-CTU and change flow control to hardware if it is not set that way now. I am also guessing by your results that you have an older module that only supports firmware version 10A4. If it is a new module you should be able to update the firmware to version 10E6. You may want to try changing the flow control and use the rest button again to verify that your module sill not load the 10E6 firmware. You should also make sure that you click the show defaults button and have the always update firmware option select before you try to write the new firmware. Your first screen shots showed that you had the module configured correctly to perform the terminal test between them. You may want to click show defaults on both modules and reenter the SH & SL information and try again.

I was able to do this exact scenario on a pair of 10E6 modules earlier today. All that was set were the DH/DL of each module to the SH/SL of the opposite module, MY=FFFF, and verified both modules were using the same PAN ID and channel. I was able to send data in both directions without any further configuration.

Thank you for the tip on hardware control, that did to the trick. I have now successfully upgraded my modules to 10E6 and the communication works like a charm!

So thank you again, and admin for your help.

Let me clarify what firmware versions is supported on which module.

For the original modules, All 802.15.4 versions are supported. That is if your module shipped with either 106, 1061, 1083 or 10A4, you can install any of the 802.15.4 supported firmware versions on the module.

If your module can with either 1084, 10A5 or above, you can installed 1084, 10A5 or above. All other versions prior to 10A4 will not be supported.

Yeah, I realized this after our conversation yesterday afternoon and was going to correct it this morning. Thanks mvut :wink: The incorrect information has now been edited out of my reply.