Should I reset my xbee module

Hi guys,
I’m a newbie in Xbee so, I should like to apologies if my question is still solve. However, I’m 4 hour in your forum and in google without any success.

Anyway, my story is the following one:

I’m involved in a challenging research project that would, roughly speaking, allows to implements some distributed optimization algorithms based on consensus by employing arduinos and xbee for the communication setup.

My equipement consist into

  • 2 xbee modules XB24-AWI 001-revB (2008-05-01-17)
  • 1 dfrobot xbee usb adapter
  • 2 arduinos
  • 2 xbee shields for arduino
    Note, in the future the network should have at least 5 or more nodes.

Anyway, I know that, the first step whenever we are working with Xbee is to configure my two modules with XCT by employing my usb-adapter.

All right? I think yes, but my problem is that when I try to “discover” my module from XCT, I can see only one of them…What can i do to see it?

Hereinafter, some further information:
-during the scanning RSSD and the TX leds blink whereas the RX not…
-My XCTU version is the 6.3.0 and I made all the available updates of the software
-I’m working on Windows 10
-I’ve also tried the Xbee-recovery from xctu without succes

Honestly I’ve no idea about what to do…I’m starting to think that I should reset the module that does not respond by follwoing this guide

Since I’m not an expert on Xbee I would like to hear yours opinion.

Thanks guys, I looking forward for your answers.



First I would get an XBIB-U-DEV development board (this is the board that Digi provides in their development kits). It has all of the needed lines for writing firmware to the module. (I think the lines are listed on page 8 or 9 of the manual).

But you don’t need to change or re-write firmware for what you are doing. You see, the Remote Configuration option or Discovery function is XCTU requires API mode and the proper module to support it. In this case, yes, if you use the API mode (ATAP1), you can discover the remote modules. You can configure the settings remotely via the API but you can’t change firmware versions.

Before you do anything else though, I would suggest taking a step back and reading the product manual located at You will find that it has a great deal of information in it that will help you.