xbee found on xctu but not in the same network search

So I have the weirdest problem.
Two xbee s2c modules both can be found and configured via XCTU no issues. But when I do a search for devices on the same network nothing is found. I have made sure CH and PAN ID are correct and they are both in API mode. I have also tried other modes.

The weird part here is that if I leave them for some time and plug-unplug move around spend like 2 hours with it. They show up.

Just like they can find each other again on the same network.

Any ideas or is this xbee blackmagic lucky draw?

Set one as a Coordinator. Then issue an ATNR0 on the other.

It returns ERROR
btw both devices are on 802.15.4

Try restoring to defaults and then do a Node Discovery. You should be able to see them.

Nothing worked.
I am 99.9% sure the device is dead. The PAN ID and channel change and ATID gives me the right answer, but going to zigbee firmware the ID and CH are wrong. Also almost all the AT commands return ERROR.
And now even XCTU can not see the device. IT sees the adapter but no device.

The default baud rate would be 9600 baud. If it is not seeing it, then the radios may no longer be working or could be Programmable modules. You would have to look at the exact part number to determine that.

It is a toaster! :frowning: thanks for the help