How to communicate with a PIR Sensor which supports Zigbee of different make with XBee XB24-AWI-001Module?

I have one Bosch make PIR Sensor which supports Zigbee protocol. I want to read the data from the same sensor in my Raspberry Pi 4B. I am using XBee Zigbee XB24-AWI-001 module with XBee Explorer dongle on my Raspberry Pi board. I want to know the configurations/ Python code etc. which would enable me to access the signal from the Bosch PIR Sensor for further automation. Thank you.

That part number is an 802.15.4 module only. It does not support the Zigbee Protocol.

Thanks for the response. Could you please suggest which module will be suitable for this requirement? Zigbee PIR sensor must talk with the Raspberry Pi 4B. Instead of before mentioned Digi product which would be suitable for this. I need my third-party PIR Sensor should communicate through Zigbee protocol with my Raspberry Pi 4B. Please suggest. I am new to these kinds of hardware. Thanks in advance.

I would suggest looking at one of the Through hole modules at

Thanks for your prompt response.