ZigBee Mesh support for TI and Raspberry Pi

I am working on a product that has TI microcontroller as the device nodes and Raspberry Pi as a controller.

  1. Does ZigBee mesh support TI? (TM4C123GXL or TM4C129)?
  2. Does ZigBee mesh support Raspberry Pi 2B?

I am new to Digi, where should I get started?

Digi Mesh is a proprietary mesh network created by Dig. It is designed to run on Digi’s XBee modules which do not use a TI chip set. But there are Raspberry Pi shields that you can use the Digi Xbee modules on which will allows you to use Digi’s mesh capabilities.

Sorry I made a mistake, not Digi Mesh but ZigBee Mesh. Does ZigBee Mesh from Digi support TI and RPI?

IF you are referring to if Digi’s XBee ZB modules are capable of communicating with a TI Zigbee chip set, then the answer would be yes. Providing that you set the ZS parameter on the XBee accordingly and that your TI chip uses a Zigbee PRO certified stack and the Public profile.

As for the Raspberry Pi, there are 3rd party adapter boards and sample code available for communicating with the XBee modules.