How to Complie MIB with netos6.3?

Hello, I’m using netos6.3, I’m creating a snmp application now, I’ve applied a SMICng auth key. I’m studing the example “NAMIB”. but I can not find the “gen.bat”, this batch file is used to compile MIB, also I can not found MIBMAN tool in my installation. where can I find it? [:(]

If you are using the GNU tools you do not need the gen.bat, this batch is only needed for the GHS(Green Hills) version.
Please see example of gen.bat below: Mibman.jar executable should be in the /bin directory.

@echo off
echo This batch file should be used with the Green Hills tool set.
echo It compiles the example MIB to C code. You do not need to
echo use this batch file if you are using the GNU tools. The GNU
echo Makefile does this for you.
echo MIBMAN will report that it did not overwrite exampleAction.c.
echo This is expected. MIBMAN creates template example files that
echo need to be modified before they can be used. The one provided
echo in this example already has all of the necessary modifications
echo and should NOT be overwritten.
set smicincl=.\mibs
…....\bin\smicng -z -cm .\mibs\ > .\mibs\rfc1902.out
…....\bin\smicng -z -cm .\mibs\ > .\mibs\rfc1903.out
…....\bin\smicng -z -cm .\mibs\ > .\mibs\example.out
java -jar …....\bin\mibman.jar mibs\listgh mibs