How to configure XBee 232 Adapter to work as a 'wireless serial cable'

I bought two XA-Z14-CS2PH-W XBee 232 adapters to act as a wireless (half-duplex) drop-in replacement for a serial cable. Unfortunately, configuring them to work properly as a wireless serial cable has left me helpless.

Following some bits of information I tried to configure one adapter as a a coordinator and another as a router. Other settings were left as factory default. This worked very well when data was transferred from router to coordinator, but in the opposite direction the communication froze every 10 seconds or so, for a few seconds during which some of the data would occasionally be lost. My test data consisted of just typing text to a console, so buffer overflow should not be an issue.

Is there a way to make communication smooth and error-free in both directions, and can you point me to the inevitable instruction page that I have somehow managed to miss?

This product is not really designed for what you are using for. It is designed to replace an RS2323 connection between two or more devices that requires Routers to send data between them.

To get it to work better than what you are, set the DL and DH of the Coordinator to match the Sl and SH of the router. It should get it to work but it will still be a a little slow.

Thank you for your comment. However, doing only this did not work (failing either as described in my post, or with nodes not seeing each other at all). Luckily the retailer had excellent service, and they recommended trying to set also JV=1 and NW=10. This solved all problems.

You are aware that you are posting questions on a Self Help site right?