how to connect rs232

Apineda, what product are you referring to?

Sorry, I got pulled away and did not have time to finish my question.

I have a remote device that is gathering data. I want to be able to connect a battery powered Digi RS232 adaptor to it.

The Digi RS232 Adaptor needs to send an receive UART data requests and respond with captured data. The data content is not relevant, it is just formatted text messages.

Somewhere in the building is a Digi Connect Port 4X that is bound to the Digi RS232 Adaptor.

My question, is how I can connect remotely to that specific RS232 adaptor from another location via Digi cloud and send and receive text messages.
Is there a transparent way of doing that where my server just sends data to a COM port or do I have to package the text messages using something like RCI XML data? What is the easiest way to do that?

My local server has Wifi and I can connect to a local Digi Connect Port Gateway. But not quite sure how the all in the server routes the messages back and forth to that RS232 Adaptor and hence by device. If there are documents that explain this, just point me in the right direction. I am fairly technical, just need a running start.