Sending data from Digi-Me to other Digi-Me

Is it posible to send data from 1 digi-me to an other digi-me.

For a project I need to send I/O and Serial data from 5 digi-me to 1 central digi-me. The Central Digi-me needs to put the recieved text uit on the onboard RS232 so a microcontroller is able to proces the recieved data.

An idea (I mentioned this before),
Use a ME w/JTAG for the central one so you have a second port for RS-232. Then just use SPI on the main port.

Are you looking to do this with the Standard Plug and Play firmware or a Custom Connect ME (i.e. running NET+OS)?

If using a Standard, just setup the serial port profile on the primary (#1) Digi Connect ME as TCP Sockets, and then telnet into the module and use the command ‘set sharing clients=4’ to enable port sharing. Next, on the other units you want to connect to it, set them up for the TCP Sockets Profile, and then have them auto connect to the first unit.

If you’re using a custom module, you would want to write this as TCP to serial code, and just have your primary act as a server, and the remote units act as TCP clients.

Maybe this make more clear what I want:

(see attachment)

I want 1 Digi to use as server and let 3 others send there RS232 data to server 1. Server one sends all the recieved data to one serial device.

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Theoretically, the idea should still work.