How to connect to a remote SX868 with unknown ID??

I have a SX 868 module which has an unknown ID.
It is soldered in place so making a connection through the serial port will be difficult.
The module is connected to a Raspberry Pi, which can’t run XCTU, so that isn’t an option.

Is there any way to discover the ID remotely with XCTU? It doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as I don’t have to sit there during a scan.

Hi…XCTU should discover the connected XBee SX 868. RF Modules using the … To obtain all possible data from the remote device, you must also set the local device to API mode. For more … If you want a command response, set the Frame ID set to a non-zero value. Only unicasts of … Transmit a unicast with an unknown route.
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XCTU can find devices with known ID but it can’t discover a device with an unknown ID.

XCTU can discover the devices with matching IDs.

I tried to connect the serial port of the device to the pins on the development board.
Pin 1 = GND
Pin 2 = 3.3 VDC
Pin 3 = TxD
Pin 4 = RxD

XCTU could read/write parameters with just these connections.

In order to access module’s parameter over-the-air through another unit connected to XCTU, they must be part of same network.

Digi Support

Based on the info in the manual and the answer from Digi Support, the only way to connect to a device with an unknown ID is via the serial port.

Remote wireless connection isn’t possible. For embedded applications, a header could be included to access the serial pins.

I also found that the bit rates on all devices has to be the same. This might seem obvious (it is) but it is something that needs to be checked.