Cannot connect to XBee SX 868 in XBIB development board

I have no luck in discovering XB8X-DMUS-001 in XCTU. I’ve tried 2 brand new modules with the same result.
XBIB development board works fine because XB8-DMUS-002 works perfectly.

I tried Firmware recovery with no luck.

Also, I tried Serial Console connection to the XB8X module. The only one command that returned “OK” was +++.
All other commands taken from manual returned nothing.

Any help is highly appreciated.

(Note to moderators: please move to the correct category – this isn’t related to XBee Cellular.)

What is the full part number for the module you are having issue with?

Thank you, I have found the way to communicate with those modules. After sending several serial commands and then initiating discovery in XCTU I was able to do that. Anyway, “out of the box”, without “dancing” with serial commands, this modules cannot be found in XCTU.