Dev boards

I’ve got XBee 868 dev kit, i’ve never worked with before. There’s two modules and 2 dev board called xbib-u-dev. The problem is that the only one board works for me.

My test scenario:

  1. Connect board to win7 computer
  2. Run X-CTU - i see connected COM port
  3. Set standard params - 9600-N-1
  4. Press “Test”

For one board everything works fine. For the other - I see green led above red one turns on and never turns off until I disconnect the board.

I see no visual differences between boards, no special jumpers set.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Alik,

Try wiggling the Xbee 868 module on the board. Sometimes there isn’t a good connection on the socket. Wiggling the module can sometimes fix this. It seems like the sockets can wear out after time and you need to wiggle the module to get a connection.

Failing that, you might want to try changing USB cables, ports, etc.