How to connect Tradfri Bulb with ZigBee

Hello Community!

I tried about 6 hours to find the IKEA Tradfri Bulb on my ZigBee Network.

What do I wrong or what can I do to find the Bulb? I changed the Channels with XCTU and hoped to find the Bulb with the “Discover radio nodes in the same network”-Function in an other network channel, but it didn’t help.

I used the Wireless Connectivity Kit from Digi with 2 S2C XBee Modules + UART-Board and the XCTU Software from Digi.

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The Bulb in question is using a Light Link Profile which means you need to go to to find out more about that profile. You will then need to adjust the XBee modules settings to match the Profiles requirements.

And were you able to pair the Tradfri bulb with your xbee device ? I keep getting issues with sleep cycles.

I do not have that device. But I did do some searching and found what profile it uses. You will also most likely need to contact the manufacture of that device to find out what the sleep settings are.