How to correctly select a XBee pull-up/down resistor for different IO line functions?

What is a correct way to select the pull-up/down resistors of an XBee module?
I have figured out how to set or select the pull-up?down resistors but do not have a good understanding of the XBee internal working to correctly apply an internal pull-up/down resistor, or just disable the resistor at all.

Situations that I encountered often are like:

  1. If D1 is chosen as an ADC?

  2. If D1 is chosen as a digital input?

  3. If D1 is chosen as a digital output low?

4 If D1 is chosen as a digital output high?

5, or if D1 is chosen as the disabled?

For each of the situations above, is the resistor to be a pull-up or pull-down? Or, Is the resistor to be disabled?

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As far as I am aware, the only time you would disable these function or change them from their default values is when you have a device that is controlling the line and has a high pull up or down. Or when you are using an external pull-up or down resistor and want lower current draw.

Thanks for answering me.

For example, if D1 is chosen as an ADC and is connected to my analog temperature sensor, obviously the internal pull-up/down resistor is not needed for this kind of connection. My question is: does XBee module’s internal programming automatically disables the resistor for this pin? If not, I guess I’ll have to disable the internal resistor. This is one of situations that I need to know to make my XBee module and my analog sensor to work correctly tougher.

The Analog inputs are not affected by the internal pull up/down resistors.