How to create a Bootloader project in ESP

I’m converting a NetOS 6.3 project (app and bootloader) to 7.5. I’m new to the ESP. I figure I need to convert the bootloader (and BSP) first. How should I go about creating a bootloader project? I see all kinds of samples and examples for an application project, but nothing for the bootloader. I tried creating a NetOS Tree Project, and sure enough, it loaded the entire netos75 tree structure. It builds - it creates new blram and rom elf files, but I can’t debug them! What am I missing?

Unfortunately the documentation for the ESP is not the greatest, and what exists is buried deeply in help files.

After much hacking, I have figured out that to change something in the BSP, you need to copy the file to the build tree and it will override the file with the same name from the src bsp tree.


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Thanks, Erik. I stumbled into the same conclusion yesterday about the time you were posting your reply. But I still don’t understand how I can debug a bootloader project.

I created an application project and pulled a few BSP files into it. It builds the BSP and my app. I can debug the app. But the BSP files are also used in the bootloader and, even though the bootloader (rom.bin, et. al.) gets built, I don’t see how I can debug it from ESP.