run app from RAM

Hi all, I am desperately trying to build a sample app and to convince it to cooperate with the bootloader. Unfortunately I had no success … Can anyone point me to some document/tutorial/example of how should I build the bootloader and especially an application intended to cooperate with it? I am using NETOS6. The problem is with the RAM application: it is copied from flash to RAM and decompressed if the case. But when I try to execute it the system crashes. Thank you. Regards, Mihai T.

It’s me again with one important detail: no matter what I do, image.bld and rom.bld of any sample project, generate an image (.bin file) that starts with the same sequence. I suspect the code that does hardware initialization is included both in the image intended to run from RAM and in the image intended to run from flash. I already tried File Options/Advanced/Program Layout (RAM/ROM Copy/ROM) with no success… How could I change that? Any idea/hint would be greatly appreciated! Regards, Mihai T.

I also tried to use the bootloader in NETOS 6.0. Is it really the initialization code to crash? For me it seems like the decompress routine is wrong. If i compare the image.tmp file with the memory after the decompression, they are different! The memory contains a lots of 0x20 ? Have you checked that your application is correct in ram? Volker

You can disable compression, the way to do is first in the bootldr.dat file to be located at src\linkerScripts, change Compressed from Yes to No. Following this in the application bld file remove the line :postexec=.........\bin\compress image.tmp compressed and then for the line of :postexec=.........\bin\boothdr .......\linkerScripts\bootldr.dat compressed image.bin instead of the compressed image.bin use the image.tmp

Tnx, but I already know that. As I said, I intend to make some application cooperate with the bootloader. And I need that application to run from RAM. The problem seems to be the hardware initialization code that is included in the application image. When this code is executed from RAM the system will crash… My question is how could I remove that code from the application image? I don’t need it there since the hardware is already initialized by the bootloader. Regards, Mihai T.