Warning to Eclipse ESP debugger for new customers !!

We are working with the Netsilicon Net+50 processor and had started with NetOS version 3. Cause there was no bootloader existing, we programmed our own.
The SNMP stack was not usable, so we used our own. The webserver was full of bugs, so we used our own.

Actually we are using NetOS 6.0 (with the Greenhills Toolchain) and only the TCP/IP stack.

Now we wanted to change to NetOS 7.3 (with GNU and ESP) because the Net+50 is no more available and we will change to the NS9215.

!! But be aware !!

  • The ESP debugger is not a real fully usable debugger for all possible applications. It depends very much on the Digi BSP.
  • You are not able to manage Assembler Files (.s, .arm) with the ESP !!
  • You are not able to debug a bootloader

For our purposes it is not usable !!! Too sad !!
We have changed back to Greenhills.



I also used by the past NETOS 4 then 5 then 6.0, with GreenHills.
And also seen bugs in the webserver.

But, why ESP is not a real fully usable debugger??


Digi ESP is fully usable for debugging applications. It still needs some maturity in debugging the low level assembly/BSP/library files. For those you can always use gdbtk/Insight debugger that is fully gdb based and is also included in the package. With the time DIGI ESP will cover those gray areas as well. netos 7.x also support GreenHills Multi a full scale comercial IDE.