How to detect the state of a DIO through an API frame?


Imagine this scenario.
End Device has a button press in DIO digital input 0, and this does not directly send the state of entry to the Coordinator, the Coordinator instead questions the End-Device as “End-Device, please send me the state entry DIO-0”.

Please show me an example of an API frame the question of the Coordinator for End-Device API frame and a response of End-Device.

Grateful for the attention.

Which firmware type and version is your question about? How do you intend to do this? Through python?

The version is 2141 and I through the Borland C++ Builder question the state of a DIO0 End-Device. I know that the command ATIS gives me the status of doors ADO / DIO active, but I know how to send the frame to the API Coordinator, will be in HEX (7E …) or ASCII?

If there is any example in Python or C++ in preference, please indicate to me the link.

The Xbee ZB product guide talks about building an API packet and posts some examples, chapter 9:

It also gives some examples. The DIO command is discussed in chapter 10.

That should be a good start.