Sending API frame to control light

I have the xbee3 module connect to light in the Zigbee network and I am trying to send a frame to change the status of the light, I determined the des. address and the frame type “0x11” and in the Data payload I am putting On/off.
In the response status I found “success” but the status of the light it is not changing.
What can be the mistake here ?
there are many documentations of DIGI but it is soo long.
Thanks for help

You need to start with querying the 3rd party device to find out what it’s active end points it supports. You can then use the specifications for that device to find out what the correct ZDO (Zigbee device object) Endpoint and Cluster ID as well as the command you need to put into the API Explicit frame to do what you want.

Thank you that was useful