How to send data or cluster commands from xbee3 zigbee to non digi zigbee module? Is it possible ?

Hi I am under development of xbee3 zigbee hub. I have gone through the user manual of xbee3 zigbee. There is explicit commands to talks with end device in case of application profiles and clusters. But just wondering how non digi Zigbee module/devices responding to these explicit request.

Can you help me with example or any source where I can related?

If you have the XBee configured for API mode and Explicit frames enabled, then the response should be sent out as an Receive API frame.

Thanks for the answer.
Yes I have configured for APi modes, and able to communicate with 2 xbee modules. (Explicit tx and Explicit rx)
But if the end device (switch) is non digi rf module then that device will send rx indicator frame ?
Is it part of zigbee stack. ?

The use of API mode has nothing to do with the stack. It only affects the data on the local UART on how it is represented or accessed. So as long as the 3rd party switch follows the Zigbee standard and responds, then yes you may see a Rx packet coming out of the XBee.