How to disable xbee pro s2c boost mode

I am using xbee pro s2c in boost mode where Tx_power is 18dB, but i want to set it on 5 or 8dB so for that i need to disable boost mode.

I have tried sending AT command PM (Power Mode) but i am getting status error time i tried.

  1. How to disable that mode?
  2. As per datasheet at 18dB xbee should consume 120mA current but mine is taking only 30 to 45mA max why?

Use the following commands>


The radio is transmitting at 250Kbps. Unless you are using the proper hardware, you are not going to see the peak current draw when it is transmitting.

I have tried AT command as you said but I am getting an ERROR in response whenever I hit the ATPM0 or ATPPM0 command.

What firmware version are you working with?

I have tried on 4060 and 4061 fw version.

What do you get if you simply issue the ATPM ?

I got 1 in the response of ATPM

Ok so now do the same thing. This time with a zero. So it looks like:


I have tried that ATPM0 or ATPM1 in both the case i am getting ERROR in response.

What does ATVR report?

ATVR Response is 4061.

I would suggest contacting Digi support via email at Make sure you include the full part number, firmware version and serial number for the device that is having issues.