How to enter command mode in visual basic?

hello guys please someone help me on how can i enter into AT command mode using visual basic? thnks

What version of VB are you using?

version 6

It has been a while since I used VB6 but all that you should need to do is:


Sorry I can not add more. It has been a few years since I used version 6.

how will i know the response of the module?
when i enter +++ in x-ctu the module will response to “OK”
how can i display the response of the module?
since for ex. ATND command, i want to display that on a label.
thanks in advance…

The module will sent an “OK” response over the serial port. You should read up on the MSComm object. Here is an MSDN article on it: .

i dont know if there is a problem in the site link i cant load their web page… well anyway thanks! i’ll post here if there is a progress… thanks!

how can i know the response of the module?

If you go to the link posted by RedOx and then click the “example” link on that page, you should find code that answers your question. I realise the link didn’t work for you when you first tried it, but it does work for me so try it again.