How to flash an application to a programmable Xbee ZB by mounted on XBIB USb board ?

Hi all,
I have:

  • 1 Programmable XBee-PRO ZigBee Through-Hole (PCB Antenna) XBP24CZ7PITB003
  • 1 XBIB-U-DEV kit

I’m trying to program the blink_led sample application provided by CodeWarrior (including Digi plugin) in my programmable Xbee module mounted on the XBIB board.

  1. Is this possible by just using the XBIB board?
  2. If yes, what is the procedure to achieve that?
  3. If no, is it mandatory to use the “P&E Multilink” or “Cyclone multilink” programmer tools ( cost around 300$ !! ) to just flash an application to a programmable Xbee?

Feel free for further details.

After some search in the forum, i found the following link:

It explains how to flash the Xbee S2C by using the XMODEM file transfer tool integrated in Teraterm :slight_smile:

The firmware update timeout is 10 seconds by default. This time can be increased by using the bootloader command “T” (see more info in

To simplify the flashing method with XMODEM described at (skipping steps 2 and 3), once in bootloader mode, set the Timeout to T3 or T4 for example, in order to have the sufficient time to browse to the binary file in Tera term XMODEM tool.