How do you download EBL file (bootloader) to Xbee

I need to load my customers supplied .ebl files into Xbee Pro S2 (XBP24-Z7UIT-004) and Xbee S2 (XB24-Z7CUIT-004) but I don’t know what I need or how to do it. (Haven’t come across Xbee’s before)

I have spent a long time looking at the datasheets for the module and the X-CTU software and XBIB-U-DEV board but not come to any conclusions.

Can someone tell me (in simple terms) if I need the XBIB board. Do I use the X-CTU software or user HyperTerminal on the PC.
How do I connect the Xbee up? (use pins 3,9,16?)

Please help.

You don’t need the XBIB board, but you will find that buying someone’s ‘USB to XBee’ module will be very helpful.

The user manual defines which pins are required ‘as minimum’, but again, I would just buy someone’s USB module to relieve yourself of one more thing that can go wrong. I’m not sure the XBIB price, but search on line and you’ll find a lot of ‘USB to Xbee’ products in the us$20 range - plus some ‘kits’ or even a PCB only might be as low as us$5.

You won’t be able to use HyperTerminal to reflash the XBee - you will need to use XCTU, as the download is binary in a special format (is XMODEM, but there are specific expectations as to block size, pad bytes and so on).

Thank you for your response.

I will get a “USB to XBee board” and use X-CTU to re-flash, connected as in the user manual.

Thanks for you help.