XBee Update Firmware without XCTU

I try to change the firmware on my XBee module, but it does not work.

XBee information:

  • Product Family : XBP24BZ7
  • BL Version : BL032-2B0-033_064
  • Hardware Version : 1E4C

EBL File :

  • XBP24-ZB_21A7_S2B.ebl (100 544 octets)

I use HyperTerminal to transfer the ebl file with the XModem protocol.
Here is the process I realized:

  • Go to the bootloader menu
  • I press the F key
  • A series of C is sent
  • I run the file transfer ebl
  • The transfer has completed successfully

In the end the firmware has not changed.

Sounds like you have not exited the bootloader or rebooted after the update.

Normally, I exited the bootloader and restart the module.

Are you it was an AT command to do this?

To exit the bootloader yes there is. As for the reboot, no there is not. You need to trigger the reset line for that.