XB24 firmware upgrade without XCTU

we’re working with XBEE serie 1, XB24, developping firmware with codewarrior and downloading to hardware with XCTU. A change in our firmware (Timer0 sent periodicaly a char serialy) made that now we’re not able to download newest firmwares.

The module doesn’t answer to xctu and doesn’t answer to hyperterminal…

We have the freescale BDM device to flash the memory with a clean firmware of the XBee, but can’t download it because the firmware is a .ehx file extension.

Can you tell me how I can restart our XBee’s, How I can download a clean firmware? probably without XCTU, because bootloader doesn’t answer.

Thank you in advanced!

As I had been reading, my problem is that I delete the bootloader firmware, then I can not comunicate with XCTU. I need to download some original firmware for the XBee,
anyone can tell me where can I found a firmware file (binari, hex, or motorola format) in order to flash the memory?

thanks again!!

I attach the answer of a Digi Technician…

If you have over written the existing boot loader files, it will not be possible to reload the provided firmware files on the module. If this has happened, you will have no choice but to use the BDM program and develop your firmware files from scratch. If you have not over written the boot loader files, then you can install the provided firmware files through the radios UART and the X-CTU test and configuration software. Please note the provided firmware files are encrypted and can only be installed through the X-CTU software and the radios UART.