How to generate a Zigbee Device Profile, Match Descriptor Response for a Request

Using the ConnectPort X4 with an associated sensor it is desired to generate a response when a match descriptor request is issued.

Example request below:
ZigBee Device Profile, Match Descriptor Request, Device: 0xfffd, Profile: 0xc021
Sequence Number: 13
Device: 0xfffd
Profile: 0xc021
Input Cluster Count: 2
Input Cluster List
Input Cluster: 4608
Input Cluster: 4609
Output Cluster List
Output Cluster: 4608
Output Cluster: 4609

Is there an interface available to register such a request?
Can a descriptor be registered with the Zigbee stack such that when a match descriptor request is made by a sensor that the ConnectPort X4 cooridinator will generate a match descriptor response?

Radio Type: XBee-PRO S2B ZB / SE (0x1e45)
Firmware: XBee ZB (0x21a0)

Model: ConnectPort X4
Firmware: (Version 82001536_K2 03/08/2012)
POST: 1.1.3 (release_82001753_H)

XBee Devices
Gateway Device Details
PAN ID: 0x0aa4 - 0x8d5bc721de2e6207
Channel: 0x19 (2475 MHz)
Gateway Address: 00:13:a2:00:40:98:6a:c0!
Gateway Firmware: 0x21a0

It looks like this might be possible by sending ZDO request.

However, reading the app note seems to indicate that this may not be supported.

NOTE: At the time of this writing, the XBee ZB 2x41
firmware does not support the match descriptor, complex descriptor, user descriptor, and management network discovery ZDOs. These comm ands can be sent with the API, but remote XBees will not respond to these ZDOs at this time . Future firmware releases might add support for these.