Match descriptor request/response issue

I need to use XB24C ZIGBEE module as a coordinator to handle some ZIGBEE messages like Match Descriptor Request, but I can’t receive Match Descriptor Request from XBee serial port.
Dose anyone can help me.

BTW, Silicon Labs ZIGBEE stack can allow user register service descriptor request/response to stack, and it will be handled by the stack automatically, does XBEE has this API?

Set ATAO=3 on your XBee. This will enable pass-thru of ZDO messages so that you can respond from your application rather than handled by the XBee.

Documented as “3 - enable ZDO passthrough of ZDO requests to the serial port which are not supported by the stack, as well as Simple_Desc_req, Active_EP_req, and Match_Desc_req.”

You might also take a look at the linked library. It is provided by Digi and implements a lot of ZDO and ZCL support on top of the XBee. Ported to several platforms and not hard to add support for a new platform. Even if you don’t use it might be a reasonable reference.