Match Descriptor Response for HA

For the past few days I’ve been trying to find out how to respond to this Matching Descriptor Request 7E 00 1B 91 00 50 43 C9 A3 36 3D 4C B0 BD 00 00 00 06 00 00 42 09 FD FF 04 01 00 01 00 05 EB. From what i read the payload goes something like this:
09 Counter
FFFD Address
0104 HA Cluster ID
00 number of input clusters
01 number of output clusters
0500 output cluster ID

How do I respond to this in terms of endpoints required by the Match Descriptor Response?

And do i have to change any xbee settings for this to work?

You need to look at the HA documentation to find out how to respond to it. Then and only then will the XBee modules documentation be helpful.

Isn’t the Match Discriptor Response a zigbee standard since it uses the profile id 00 00?

I stand corrected. It is page 166 of the Zigbee standard of June 2009.

Should i change the endpoint settings or any other setting on the Xbee for the Match Descriptor Response?

No, you just need to use the proper API response which will have in it the proper end points.

So should I change the match descriptor response to match the default settings with the endpoint of E8?

No. DO NOT change the end points of the match descriptor. You need to use what is in the Zigbee Spec.