How to get device enpoints with label using digi api?


I want to get device endpoints with labels like simple meter. Is there any function or method is available in digi api?


Which API are you using? Are you referring to the API of the Device Cloud’s Web Services, the API of the Smart Energy Framework python application, or some other API entirely? How are you trying to “get” the endpoints?

Thanks for your reply. I am using “get_device_information” method to get device list for particular gateway. It returns MAC address and endpoints only. But I need the endpoint with label texts.

The get_device_information command basically pulls back a list of what it finds as a ZDO Device Record for the devices on a network, nothing more.

As for your description, I’m not sure what you mean by endpoint with label texts in the context of the ZDO Device Records. If you mean in the node descriptor, this would be an optional parameter of a device, and would be up to the device manufacturer to populate those parameters.

Links:]zdo record