How to get handshake/feedback on data communicated with Xtreme 24

Any ideas on how to get handshake/feedback on data transferred with Xtreme24’s? I transfer a RS-485 signal between 2 Xtreme24 modules, but the transfer isn’t reliable enough in areas where there’s much Wifi equipment nearby, so I sometimes loose important bits of data. This would not be a problem if one had a way of feedback of the status of the data to the the sender before sending more data, like RS-232 have embedded.

What you are looking for is not something that is going to be found in the wiring but something you need to implement within your application. It is called a Retry and ACK system where you don’t send the next packet till either you got the ACK or you timed out and transmitted the packet again.

Thank you for your reply.
I see what you mean, but I don’t know any way to implement such into an existing RS-485 application. Any ideas?

If the application has already been written, the only thing you can do is to enable the RR parameter on the radios. As long as your RF data rate and total throughput are not reached, you should be fine. Otherwise you run the risk of a buffer over run and loss of data.

Thank you again.
What you mention sounds like a good idea to try, as the application is unchangeable, but the data throughput is rather small. I have looked thru the info on the radios, but I can’t find anything about the RR parameter, could you “point me in the right direction”, please? I’m not sure what RR stands for.
Thanks, Ola.

RR stands for Retries. It is described on page 32 of the manual located at

Aha! I will try it.
Thank you very much for your help.