Retries and Acknowledgement

Hello Everyone:
I m working on a customer product and for its reliable operation i need to minimize the data loss ideally 0%.
For that i need to confirm two things from you guys:

  1. Is there any method or parameter by which i can change the max no. of retries of the zigbee which it took by itself in case of any transmission problems??
  2. I just wanna confirm that the acknowlegement which i receive of a frame in API mode is actually received when the data has been reached at destination not when the data is received at the next hop(not destination, neighbour)?

i’ll be much obliged for your kind cooperation and concern.

Amir Ahmed

Hi Amir,

  1. The maximum number of (network) retries is not configurable, but the application can choose to resend a packet if the transmission status indicates a failure (status != 0).

  2. Correct - the transmit status is sent out the UART when the transmission completes (i.e. device receives ACK from the destination device, all retries exhausted, etc).

Hi damons!
Thanks very much for your reply.
now i got one more Q :slight_smile: that:
my system is configured in server/client formation. i have one centralized server(Coordinator, running on API) and various Client(Routers, running on AT). but i get ack only in API firmware not in AT (as far as i know).m i right?? if i m wrong then how to get the confirmation(acknowledgement) of a transmission in AT mode?

Thanks once again!
Amir Ahmed

Yes - AT firmware does not indicate the transmission status of each packet.

You can verify a transmission link with AT firmware by sending data to the loopback cluster ID. If a device receives data on the loopback cluster ID, it sends the received data back to the sender.

To do this, set the ATCI command to 0x12 to change the cluster ID to the loopback cluster ID. After changing the CI command, serial data is sent to the loopback cluster ID on a remote. When a remote receives data on this cluster ID, it will echo the data back to you.

To disable the loopback and return to regular data transmission mode, set the ATCI command to 0x11 (default).

Thanks again Damons!
ya this technique is good for link testing but in my case it can’t work as i need to get the data out on the UART on my destination as well, which is not happening right now. The data is loopbacked without any indiaction on the UART.