How to get the DTR state remotely

Hi to everyone, i’m new in the forum.

I just bought same xbee modules serie1, and I’m trying to estabilsh comunication between two of them (peer to peer).
I wonder if :

Is it possible when the module wakes from sleep (SM=1), to have
the state of all other pins , in the base module ?
I saw something like line passing , does it work when the modules wake from sleep?

Is it possible to switch remotely a module from SM=1 and SM=5 via RF from the base station?

Hope you can help

Thanks in advance


Line passing isn’t what you want.

I am not a S1 expert, but look at the IR setting. If you set it to 60000, then when the XBee wakes, it should send an ‘IS’ like response to whichever node it is programmed to send data to. This is repeated every 60 seconds unless you sleep again. (At least this is how it works on the S2).

You could change SM remotely … but your other S1 is probably asleep :slight_smile: So your base station would need to watch for any incoming traffic, then try and send the required commands before it sleeps again. Which means your 2nd device needs to remain awake long enough ‘always’ just in case, which wastes battery.

In general, you’ll have the least problem if you design your system to:

  1. sleeping nodes just send all data without a poll
  2. sleeping nodes periodically pull a new config, so you don’t need them to always stay awake too long just in case someone wants to rush down and make a change.