setting up a peer to peer network with 3 modules


I’m trying to set I network with 3 xbee serie 1 modules.
I want to set 2 of them in SM=5 mode and the third always running.
Also I want that when one of the two sleeping modules wakes from sleep it send RF data with the state of its digital pins, so the receiver (the module always running ) can discriminate some events on these pins. Is it possible or not ?

I saw something like Linepassing but dont know if I could set it concurrently (in the receiver module there is “I/O input address” ,but just one for each sleeping modules i suppose).
hope you can help.
Thanks in advance

I think I already answered you on another post, but look at the “IR” setting, which causes an “IS” like response to be triggered when the Xbee wakes. Note that ONLY I/O pins confirgured for settings 2, 3, 4, or 5 are included in this data.

first of all Thanks for your quick reply,

you re right about switching from SM modality.

you re also right when you say i dont need line passing.

so I suppose IR parameter is what Im looking for as you adviced.

so what I did is to set sleep nodes with SM=5 : SP=BB8 (30 seconds), ST = 3E8 (1sec), IR =c8 (sampling rate 200ms).
I also enabled DI0 as DI, and pullup resistor PR to FF (all enabled).

From what you say, every time the module wakes up, I should have in the RF packet it sends the state of my DI0.

So if the DI0 is floating it has 3.3 voltage level, while when I connect it to the ground it has 0V voltage level.

How should I read the RF packet? where is the DI0 state information?

Reading this RF packet i dont see a lot of difference between the 2 state.

Hope you can help.