How to handle the case when co-ordinator is taken offline?

I am having problem setting the end node to sleep if co-ordinator is taken offline. Does it ever quite looking to join a network? It’s draining my battery.

I have 1 co-ordinator, 1 router and 1 end node. Everything works fine. End node sleep 20s and every 60s it wakes up processor to sent packet to co-ordinator. Everything works perfect.

I power off the co-ordinator and my end node went crazy. Modem status keeps saying it’s associated and then disassociated. What is happening? Can anyone help?



It sounds like your end device was associated to the coordinator. Since the coordinator was the parent device, when it was taken offline, that’s when the end node went crazy.

What firmware version are you using? I believe that in the 1x41 firmware, when a parent device goes offline, the end device will recognize this, and try to find a different parent.

I am using ZNET 2.5 Router/End Device API Version 1341.

I thought it will re-associate with the router since co-oridnator is no longer there.

I have them both on XCTU. I can see that the end node is constantly getting

7E 00 02 8A 02 73 and then 7E 00 02 8A 03 72

What am I missing?


April, did you ever find a solution to this problem? I don’t want my batteries all draining when my coordinator loses power!

I sent in a case to Digi support but never got any response back.

Luckily for me recently I stumble across an option on the end node and found a solution. If you set JV=0, it will stop end node from looking for parent to join. You might have to do a network reset (NR=0) on the end node if you bring in a new coordinator of the same PanID. New coordinator might choose a different channel.

According to Digi, JV only apply to Router. But End node seems to somewhat behave like a Router if you set JV=1.