Strange problem Zigbee works without coordinator


So I have 3 devices. One with the 2064 firmware (Coordinator in Transparent mode) One with the 2364 firmware (Router in API mode) and one with the 2264 firmware (router in Transparent mode).

So I have this set already for a while and they work fine.
Today I fired op only my 2264 and I did ‘AT AI’ with should show it hadn’t joined a network instead it shows “0” Succesfully joined a network. When I did “AT ND” I don’t see any devices.

After it I fired up my 2364 he also joined a network and I can actually communicate between the 2364 and 2264 (with there 64 bit adresses). They can’t communicate with 0000000000000000 default for coordinator when I try this on my API router I get back “7E 00 07 8B 01 FF FE 00 21 01 54” 21 says = “Network ACK Failure”.
Now I run @ 2.4Ghz and there are a few WIFI networks in the neighborhood. Could it be possible they have mistaken a WIFI network for a Zigbee ?

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I got the answer from the Online support request. This might be interesting for other people who encounter this problem so I will post it here.

Thank you for contacting Digi. Once a node has successfully associated with a network, until a qualifying event occurs such as a network reset, the node will retain the networking settings. Even through a power cycle. This is by design so that when a battery may need to be changed, it will reduce the additional noise created during the joining process. Thus increasing the response time and reducing down time. However in your situation where the coordinator is powered off, the other nodes may be able to see each other and pass data between then, but they will be unable to communicate with the coordinator as it has left the network. To resolve the issue, either, power the coordinator back up, bring it within range of the network or issue a network reset on all nodes.