How to implement multihop concept in xbee?

I am using Three XBee S2C modules, Now I want to implement multihop communication among these three modules. In the XCTU software I am doing my configuration. One Xbee should act as Coordinator, second XBee should act as router and Last XBee should act as End device. I have tried my best to change those configuration but i couldnt.

Is it possible to implement multihop in XBee? If Yes, How?

Thanks in Advance…

Yes it is. Simply enable CE for the Coordinator and SM for the end device. Then set the issue a network reset (ATNR1) with the End device turned off. This will allow the router to associate to the coordinator. Then once association occurred, set Joining (NJ) to 0 on the coordinator and power on end device. Once the end device Joins the router, set the DL and DH of the end device to 0 or the coordinators SL and SH. Then set the Coordinators DL and DH to the End devices SL and Sh.