How to install request library or any other modules on DigiXbee Industrial getway?

I am using Digi’s Industrial gateway on windows 10 using ssh on putty. It has inbuilt python 2.7 and I am unable to install request library and also unable to download pip. Also tried to install pip using curl, sudo as well as wget but faileIs there any way to import libraries like request library.

Hey @Digi.
I am a new customer who if all goes well will be purchasing thousands of modules from you.

Looking at this forum the majority of questions are unanswered. Support is 1000% important.

I have the same question as bhakti and don’t see an answer anywhere. If you products are not supported I have no point carrying on with your products and will go elsewhere.


After some research the answer to this question is put the folder containing the library in the root directory of your project (called the same name as the library) with the py and pyc files directly under it.

Then you can use from in your main py file and all should work. Looks like it might even work from a zip file instead of a folder too.