How to load new firmware to Xbee3 micromodule in a easy way?

We are currently working with Digi Xbee3 micro module Digimesh 2.4
Firmware version : 300B

How to load new firmware to Xbee3 micromodule in a easy way?

Procedure which we are following , first all the compiled micropython files which has to be loaded is made into a profile.
Step 1: Open XCTU Software Apply Configuration profile.
Step 2: Go to micropython terminal unbundled the bundled code.
Step 3: bundle the new micropython files loaded.
Step 4: load the main.mpy file and RUN the code.

So we have 100 devices is there a easy way to load 100 devices at a time, instead of loading one by one.

Sure, create a Profile with the desired Micro Python files in it. Then use the multi-Programmer to load the desired profile to the modules along with the code.

Sorry I did not post the question correctly let me clarify please.
We cannot use xbee multiprogrammer because the modules are already soldered on the boards ,so it cannot be preprogrammed and then solder.
We are using profile to automate the most of the steps, as we are using multiple micropython files there is a manual step of opening the micropython terminal to perform unbundle of bundled files and re-bundled of new micropython files.
How we can avoid this process?
We also tried implementing these steps into the micropython file itself as code, so that it gets executed for the very first time (only once using a persistent flag), but after it executed, we found it threw an error saying it couldn’t find the bundled file.

Try using remote AT commands from a remote module. That will allow you to do the same thing.