Want to load program on Xbee3

Just got the Digi Xbee 3 mesh kit…so a newbie here!

using XCTU got things setup…communication between units…got into the micro python window on one of the units.

The question is: If you use micropython, make a program, copy it into the micropython window, does that stay permenant in the unit? How do I get it to stay, when powered off then back on it runs again?

If you wanted to use the java tools and lib, does that only get used if you control the DIGI module via usb or rs232?

Whats the best way to do this? Which tools?

I would like to make to digi modules have seperate programs, power up, and communicate with each other.


In XCTU you can open a MicroPython terminal (under the tools dropdown).
If you would like to load a MicroPython program onto the module, you can use flash mode (to put into into non-volatile flash) with Crtl + F.
Once in flash mode you can paste your program into the console and then press Crtl + D to confirm. Whatever you pasted can be run on startup if ATPS = 1 or anytime in the MicroPython REPL with Crtl + R.