problem in running custom scripts in profile editor options

we are using xbee3 digimesh micro module
firmware version :300B

In XCTU software create Configuration profile ,we want to run a post-processing script after transferring file system. i want to run unbundle and bundle before starting my python code.
Is it possible to run unbundle and bundle as a script?
or any other way to do this?

You can create a profile using XCTU that includes the desired compiled Micro Python files that you want loaded.

Yes i have made desired micropython files that i want to load, its successfully replacing in the file system manager.
Issue we are facing :- As we couldn’t unbundle old bundled files even though we have loaded new desired micropython files it will run with old bundled files.

You need to edit the Profile you are working with in the XCTU profile Editor and first, remove the old files and then upload the New files into the Profile. Then save the profile again.