How to make a Mesh Network?

I want to deploy a Zigbee mesh network using Xbee S2 Module with wire antenna.
I want to have 5 routers, one coordinator and another router as a mobile node. After configuring the radios in X-CTU, how would I check that the wireless sensor network is working fine and I am able to get the data from the routers. These routers will be independent, power supplied through the battery and not attrached to any PC.
I am much confused, need a lot of help.
Thank you!

The only need to provide a unique PAN ID value to all modules whom you wish to be a part of common network. Coordinator will initiate the network and rest all nodes will join it considering PAN ID matches.

Later you can perform a Node Discovery (ATND) to verify list of current nodes present in network. Details of this AT command can be found in product manual.

Would the xbees connected to batteries work independently and be able to transmit the gps data to the coordinator?


No XBee device has gps antenna. You need to look for gateway devices for this job.

Sir, I will get the GPS data using a GPS module, which will be transferred using arduino into an Xbee Router. This router will transmit this data to other Xbee Routers present in the mesh network and finally it reaches to the coordinator connected to the laptop.

Sir, I will be thankful to you if you guide me in this work.