How to make audio transmit over xbee pro s2b?

Build walkie talkie

You don’t. The XBee modules do not have the ability to transmit Analog Voice signals. You would need to use something like a board of education for both sides and have it convert the analog voice signals to serial data. Then use the XBee 802.15.4 modules to transmit that serial data between the two device. The receiving board of education would convert the serial data back to analog and send it out a speaker port.

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And how to do that? If I have two arduino uno’s… I mean, If there is a sort of guide or a youtube guide that instructs how to do exactly what you said?

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You are going to need to do an internet search for Arduino Code for that. That is not something that you are going to find by looking for Xbee.

I am also got stuck with the same problem where i have to transmit audio signal from Node A to Node C via Node B and vice-versa and it has to be implemented on Androis Os.
please help how can i convert analog signals to digital packets and sen those packets. What kind of already build codec I can use to perform the task ?

That is something you are going to need to look for on Arduinos web site or on some of the Arduino forums.

I have already make a search on all forums but didn’t get a perfect method. I am using Odroid Xu4 with Android platform.
How could i get analog signals convert into digital packets ?
Could you please provide me a suitable link for the same?