Data Transmission from one Xbee Pro modem to another

Hello everyone
I have four Xbee Pro Modem. I am using Xbee Pro Digimesh 2.4( Firmware 8003). I am using digimesh since one of the modem is supposed to be in an unmanned aircraft and to improve the range. I want to transmit data from one modem (base station) to another (aircraft) [This data flow might have to pass through several other modems to reach the aircraft since the range is high] . The data transmission has to take place from adc of one modem( Analog to Digital Converter) to the adc of the other.
I tried out almost all the topics related to this in the forum. But I didnt get any suitable solution.
I am a beginner. So please help me out of this.

It could be possible to tranmsit fromone radio to another using this method. Of course, the establishiment of a route and tranmission of the message will create some latency, but if your UAv will be in ragne long enough (just a second or two is plenty) then the message can be routed.

While the DigiMesh radio do have ADC support, you cannot transmit from the ADc pin of one radio to the out put ADc pin of another. There is no D to A on the radio, so when an adc reading is taken, the message is sent to the address destination and the information will be sent out of the UART of that destination node via an API packet. Your host deviec on the destination node will then need to interpret the APi packet in order to process the ADC reading taken from the other device.

Thanks for the reply…
I posted the same problem to Digi online support. I got this reply
“Currently the product in question you are using does not support Analog to Digital conversion. In addition, when enabled, the radio will only be able to perform Analog to Digital conversion in addition to UART transmissions. It will not be able to perform Digital to Analog conversion as well. As such, an external processor will need to perform this action for you.”

Its same as you said gworle.
So can i use any microcontroller in the UAV?
And can you please send me some API packet samples to achieve data transmission?

You should be able to use any uC that can accept 3.3V TTl signals. As for the API packets, look in the manuals for the modules you are using. API seems to be complicated at first but after you understand the format it is simple. The best way to understand API is to get a development board and play around with it.

I have the USB interface board. If i play trial and error with it will not get damaged?