Digi ConnectMe UDP Communication / Possibility of Transparency

Hi everyone,

For our UAV application we are trying to establish a communication link between our aerial vehicle and ground control station. The point is that both our aerial vehicle and ground control station have Ethernet interfaces and establishing their communication via UDP messages (not through a single port but through multiple ports) on a LAN. Moreover they are broadcasting heart beat/initialization messages to a specific UDP port.

We need a middle range (around 1 km) communication but our bandwidth requirement is not that much. WiFi solutions for this much range requires really heavy solutions.
Therefore, we planned a communication links as follows:

DC-ME4-01T-S >> Digi ConnectME Plug and Play
XBP9B-DMSTB002 >> Digi XBEE 900HP Programmable

UAV side:
UAV Ethernet IF << cross-ethernet cable >> DC-ME4-01T-S << Serial TTL >> XBP9B-DMSTB002 (transparent)

Ground Control Station (GCS) side:
GCS Ethernet IF << cross-ethernet cable >> DC-ME4-01T-S << Serial TTL >> XBP9B-DMSTB002 (transparent)

However, UDP configuration of DC-ME4-01T-S does not allow to take packets from multiple UDP ports. Is there anyway to make it work? Do you suggest any serial port profile for DIGI Connect ME to be transparent and have both UAV and GCS are on the same network?

Or do you suggest any other product? :slight_smile:

Thank you

Using the Connect ME (9210) with customizable firmware (NET+OS or Linux) could be an option. However than you have to implement the UDP <-> serial on your own.

Looks like you are searching for a Ethernet (or UDP) over XBee protocol. Be aware of the low transmission rate and volume via XBee (duty cycles). Your UDP based application might get out of sync due to slow replies.