Can ConnectPort-x2 be configured as a bridge (ip pass-through mode)?

Hi everyone,

For our UAV application we are trying to establish a communication link between our aerial vehicle and ground control station. The point is that both our aerial vehicle and ground control station have Ethernet interfaces and establishing their communication via UDP messages (not through a single port but through multiple ports) on a LAN. Moreover they are broadcasting heart beat/initialization messages to a specific UDP port.

We need a middle range (around 1 km) communication but our bandwidth requirement is not that much. WiFi solutions for this much range requires really heavy solutions.
Therefore, we planned a communication link with ConnectPort X2D (868 Xbee gateway)

Is there any python script to make it work? Is there any suggestion for the configuration? As far as I can see the cellular family has Ip pass-through (bridge) mode. Can ConnectPort X2 be configured/programmed as a bridge?

Thank you

You should be able to do this with the old X2 ( not X2e). there is a firmware image that allows a ‘direct access firmware’:

You can then connect directly to the Xbee module inside; either via realport driver or a direct TCP connection (port 2101 by default I think).