how to make folder/file writable other than /var in router running on Linux OS


I am working on a Router which runs on Linux OS(Boa WebServer).

As of now i am able to write file/folder inside /var folder

other folders(/dev,/home,/lib etc…) are Read only.

but my requirement is i need to make a folder under /home writable, as of now it is read only mode

i tried all chmod,chown commands but didnt work out

i tried mount method—

~$mount --bind /home/http/web/temp /var

i was able to mount temp folder inside /var ,
but i didnt get privilge to write inside temp, it is still in read only mode.

Please help me solve this issue

Thanks in advance

I am not sure you are making this request to the correct site. Should you not be asking how to do this on a Linux support site? After all you are not mentioning what Digi product you are even working with and the issue does appear to be a Linux issue.