How to make permanent modification to disk on ConnectMe

There are three tasks I would like to do:

  1. Update the library files from /usr/local/DigiEL-5.2/usr/arm-linux/lib to the ConnectMe module (I’m guessting /lib folder), because the example application from Digi doesn’t work (at least missing on the ConnectMe and there could be more file)
  2. I would like to disable httpd using this link but the sh file is read-only.
  3. I need to copy my custom application to the ConnectMe.

It would seem that a copy of Busybox is decompressed everytime system starts up. Does that mean I actually need to modify the whole image each time I’m updating file? Is that the only way?

If that’s the only way, I can’t seem to find clear documentation to do this. Can someone please point me to it?

  1. Please upgrade to DEL 5.7. DEL 5.2 is ancient.
  2. please create a new u-boot/kernel/rootfs projectand add hello wolrs c++ example application to rootfs via project properties. This will add all the needed C++ libraries to your rootfs
  3. you have to disable httpd from the project properties as described in (1), then generate a new rootfs and program it to target.
  4. add your custom application to the rootfs project described in (1), use hello wolrd example as an example rootfs on Connect ME 9210 is read only (squashfs) so you can’t write to it after flashing. All changes must happen at build time. Use NFS boot for development purposes.
    Open support case if you need further assistance by sending email to