how to update Connect ME 9210 linux over the network

I have a Connect ME 9210 4/8 running embedded linux (without JTAG). During development, I have been using the serial port and U-Boot to update the kernel or rootfs (issuing the command over serial, but using tftp to download the image). I would like to find a way to update the device using only the network.

I am able to update UserFS by downloading an image and typing “update_flash UserFS.jffs2 4”. However, if I try the same with the rootfs, the device becomes unresponsive. Usually it will not boot until I load a new rootfs through U-Boot. The “Device Options -> Update Flash” option in Eclipse results in the same problem.

Looks like module is running out of flash and ram.

After you download (via ftp?) latest rootfs image onto module check how much RAM is free.

I experience the same problem - after updating rootfs from Linux using update_flash, the device sometimes becomes unresponsive until rebooted.

The reason is that after replacing the root file system on the running Linux renders the file system in a non-operating state (every file system operation fails with error after flashing). I can understand that hot-swapping the rootfs might pose some problems not easyily solvable.

However, and that’s my real problem, the -R option of update_flash, which is supposed to reboot the system after flashing, does not reliably work. In about 1 out of 10 cases, the system hangs after a successful update_flash -R and needs a powercycle.

This is very unfortunate for the purpose of remote-updating my 9210 ME based devices which are 24/7 powered and not easily reset manually.

I would very much like to see the source code of update_flash to actually understand this problem, and maybe create a fixed version.